Vivo V27 5G: Capturing the Night in Style

Vivo V27 5G: Capturing the Night in Style


Vivo V27 Features

In the realm of affordable mid-range Android smartphones, the Vivo V27 5G emerges as a compelling choice, boasting stellar nocturnal photography capabilities and commendable performance. Its slender profile and featherweight design lend it an air of comfort and ease of handling. Nevertheless, it's essential to note that it lacks some premium features like wireless charging and an extended optical zoom, which could be found in higher-end counterparts.

Vivo V27 Front and Back

One striking feature of the V27 is its rear camera arrangement, which, unlike some other devices such as the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, doesn't protrude dramatically. The phone's slim silhouette takes center stage, and the glass rear panel adds a touch of elegance, almost resembling marbled artistry. The overall design exudes a sense of sophistication, complemented by its gently curved edges, further enhancing its premium appeal.

Vivo V27 narrow frame

What sets the Vivo V27 apart is undoubtedly its rear camera ensemble. Comprising a 50MP primary shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro lens, this trio works in harmony to deliver crisp and pristine imagery. When the sun dips below the horizon, the V27 truly shines. Night-time photography captures an impressive level of detail and exposure, particularly with the primary camera. Even in low-light video recording, the phone maintains an admirable dynamic range and vibrant colors, ensuring that light sources remain well-balanced without overexposure. However, it's worth noting that this stellar performance doesn't quite extend to the ultra-wide camera, which tends to yield darker results during nocturnal adventures.

Vivo V27 Nightshoot

On the flip side, one minor hiccup in the V27's nighttime photography journey is its portrait mode. In these conditions, the subject often appears artificial, as if cut from a different world, and adjusting the bokeh effect doesn't entirely remedy this. Thankfully, this issue isn't as pronounced in daytime portrait shots.

Emerald Texture

Priced at S$699, the Vivo V27 5G makes for an attractive mid-range smartphone that won't put a significant dent in your wallet. Its camera prowess, particularly in low-light scenarios, is commendable, although portrait mode enthusiasts may find it wanting in the night-time setting. Nevertheless, if you're seeking a device that excels at capturing the magic of the night, the V27 is a worthy contender. Y